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Life-Saving Rescue Services

The Northeast Fort Bend County Fire Department is dedicated to protecting our community through swift and expert rescue operations. Our highly trained firefighters and paramedics are ready to respond 24/7 to various emergency situations, including:

  • Vehicle Extrication: In the event of severe vehicle accidents, our team employs specialized tools and techniques to safely extricate trapped individuals.
  • Technical Rescue: Our personnel are trained in confined space rescue, trench rescue, and high-angle rope rescue, ensuring preparedness for complex emergencies.
  • Water Rescue: We maintain a dive team, equipped and trained for swift water rescues, including floods and other water-related incidents.
  • Search and Rescue: Our team is ready to assist in wilderness or urban search and rescue operations, maximizing the chances of locating missing individuals.

Our Commitment

We prioritize the safety and well-being of our community members. Our rescue services are a vital part of our mission to preserve life and property. When you’re facing an emergency situation, you can count on the Northeast Fort Bend County Fire Department rescue team to deliver the highest level of care and expertise.

If you find yourself in an emergency requiring rescue services, immediately dial 911.