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Northeast Fort Bend Country Fire Department, formerly known as the Townwest Volunteer Fire Department was first established in 1972. With only one “mini pumper” the newly formed fire department provided protection to the Townwest subdivision and surrounding area. With no fire station, the departments mini pumper was placed at a members house where it would respond from. The department’s fire station was located next to the Townwest pool and was nothing more than a single bay metal building.


For years, the volunteer fire department proudly served, free of charge to the community. Being in such close proximity to Houston, it didn’t take long for the service area to grow beyond the capabilities of a volunteer fire department. In the early 90’s, North East Fire Department started providing coverage with a paid day crew.  A new fire station one was built in 2001 where it still remains to this day.


In 2008, North East Fire Department works in conjunction with ESD5.  Continuous growth under annexation of a bigger service area eventually lead to the need of another fire station. In 2015 North East Fire Station 2 was built on the corner of Clodine Rd and FM 1464.

While the North East Fire Department of today looks nothing like the original Townwest Volunteer Fire Department, every member appreciates the dedication and sacrifices that have made us what we are today.